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Hikes around the Cirques

  • Cirque of Gavarnie
  • Cirque of Estaube
  • Cirque of Troumouse

In summer Gavarnie has a completely different aspect, with the most amazing summer scenery providing a spectacular backdrop to walks and hikes that will keep you in tip-top condition!

Explore the mountains and cirques - each hiking trail is an invitation to adventure and is always unique!

One of the main advantages of the cirques around Gavarnie is their accessibility. These magical high mountain routes get right to the heart of the countryside so the whole family can fully appreciate just how fabulous the natural beauty of our land is! 

The cirques of Gavarnie, Troumouse and Estaube have the easiest routes, with plenty of 2 hour round trips.

But, do you know what a "cirque" is ?


Cirque of Gavarnie

You have many possibilities to visit it. 

Starting from the village of Gavarnie, some easy walks from 2 to 5h are possible with different points of view over the cirque and the waterfall ! You can also reach the bottom of the waterfall and the great wall of Gavarnie cirque ! Amazing...

But if you prefer, you can simply appreciate the scenery from the village, while drinking a good beer ...


Cirque of Troumouse

You can access to Troumouse cirque directly by car through a small and beautiful mountain road. Then, from this parking, some short and easy walks are possible from 30mn to 2h30.

But for the bravest, you can start your walk down in the valley from the church of Heas and discover Troumouse by a 5h hiking tour ! 


Cirque of Estaube

Starting from Gloriette's lake parking, you can discover it through a 2h30 walk along a beautiful mountain stream. This walk is really easy and is marmotte's paradise ! 


A walking map is on sale in our Tourist Offices for 1 euro. Traduced in english, this topoguide describes 16 hiking tours in the valley (including Cirque of Gavarnie, Troumouse and Estaube), with the lengh and the difficulty for each tour. 
Download this walking map for free (without descriptions).



You are in Pyrenees National Park

Be respectful of the environment and learn the guidelines to follow in the park.

Note that dogs are forbidden in the heart of National Park. There is one exception for Cirque of Gavarnie where dogs are allowed on leash on the main way as far as the site called "Hotellerie du Cirque" .

  • Unesco
  • Patrimoine mondial
  • Grands Sites de Midi-Pyrénées
  • Gavarnie-Gèdre
  • Région Midi-Pyrénées
  • Union Européenne